Meet Daniel Berry

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How I Got to Tullahoma

My passion and love for our community started when my family moved to Tullahoma in 1992. Originally from Central Ohio, my father had recently retired, and my mother wanted a place with warmer weather.

A few years earlier, our family had headed south on a camping trip with a pull-behind, pop-up camper, and we stopped in this little town with a funny name that happened to be home to the world-renowned Arnold Engineering and Development Complex. As it turned out, the city was also surrounded by lakes full of fish, and Dad loved to fish. While we were visiting, my parents learned more about Tullahoma, the outstanding public education system and everything the surrounding area had to offer.

When it came time to move, my mom put her foot down: Tullahoma was the place we were going.

Communities Shape Lives

I attended West Middle School for seventh and eighth grade. At the time, as with any school-aged child, I did not realize the full impact my teachers would have on my life. Mrs. Pockrus taught me the value of history and how it impacts your future. My homeroom teacher Mrs. Cox taught me accountability and about the need to own your actions. We had a brand-new teacher, Mrs. Herrera, during my eighth-grade year who, along with my father, encouraged my passion for technology. There was also Mrs. Polluck who always believed in and encouraged me to be the best me that I could be.

As with most teenagers, I entered my freshman year at Tullahoma High School thinking I knew it all and was king of the world. As it turns out, at thirteen years old, you do not know a thing, but you have a whole army at the ready to prepare you for what lies ahead. While doing the county fair in full football gear during the dog days of summer, I learned that you can persevere and push harder than you ever thought you could. I learned that you are going to get knocked down, sometimes to the point you do not think you can get back up, but that you can not only pull yourself up off the ground but also rise up stronger. Mrs. Rose, my junior English teacher, ignited my passion for literature and taught me that even jocks can love poetry.

After graduating in 1999, I started my first technology business, The Web Wizard, while attending Motlow State Community College. I had some skill and an idea but no clue how to run a business. Once again, the community was there to help me grow. There were those who believed in me and took a risk on new technology and an unproven young man. Countless others in the Motlow community stepped in as mentors to help me further develop my abilities.

I count myself blessed to have grown up in Tullahoma and firmly believe that, along with my parents, the community helped shape who I am today. There is an old saying that it takes a village. I believe that to be true and think that is one of the most powerful offerings our city of Tullahoma has to offer.