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Watching Daniel serve as Alderman for Tullahoma and give a voice to so many people, work many late nights on their behalf, vote no when voting yes would be so much easier, has shown me that Daniel is not only ready to be Mayor, he's the right choice to be Mayor. Knowing Daniel and his passion for public service and our community, I believe he will build a bridge between the people and city hall. I've seen him advocate and help small business owners as an Alderman and as Mayor I know he will replace the hurdle that so many entrepreneurs encounter with a welcome mat. I know that regardless of income, background or education he will work tirelessly to to make sure EVERYONE feels a part of and has a say in our local government and community's future. Daniel Berry is the right Mayor for us because he's one of us.

Derick Mann, Owner Minuteman Press - Tullahoma

Over the last 52 years here in Tullahoma I have met just about every politician that either ran for or held any public office in town. And without a doubt. Daniel is the most concerned and accessible of them all. He has a vision, most of them do. But his vision is tempered with the realization that if he can include enough local stakeholders in that vision that it will become a reality. Alot of people get into office with ideas but after talking the staff and seeing the state regulations and sitting through endless planning meetings where nothing really gets done they get numb to the whole thing and just fade away. And the next warm body fills the seat and we wash, rinse and repeat. I truly believe that Daniel is different. I think that he cares enough about this town to come back here and see it reach its full potential. I think he will want to know why we can't change the way we always did it. We need a new way to address the challenges we face going forward and Daniel is that new way.

Gary Kidd, Tullahoma Resident

I love the fact that Daniel Berry cares and is so involved with the community. I love his Facebook updates. Thank you for all your hard work.

Katrina Northcutt, Tullahoma Resident

The ONLY way I know even a tad bit of what’s going on at a local level is via you. I literally cannot thank you enough for condensing it for us, being honest and factual while still being compassionate. I’ve said it a thousand times but it bares repeating, you are a fresh breath for Tullahoma and a much needed break from the stiffness & emotionally detached politicians we are accustomed to. Thanks for all you do! Stay safe & healthy...you have a mayoral position to fill!!

Windi Jones, Tullahoma Resident

Daniel Berry is the picture of an ideal elected official. He works very hard to find out what is or isn’t working for the people. He serves as our voice, regarding our city, which is exactly why the people he represents chose him. His efforts to engage citizens and remind us that our votes and voices matter is exactly what we need. Thank you for your hard work!

Jana Smith, Tullahoma Resident

I believe Daniel Berry will be an amazing Mayor. He has made himself more available than any other Alderman I remember since I have moved here in 1996. That's what this town needs A Mayor and Board of Alderman that actually listen to the people and I believe Daniel will be just that. He has been the Alderman of the people and he will certainly be Mayor of the people. He certainly has what's best for Tullahoma on his mind. He will look out for the residents and the small businesses of Tullahoma and I hope that whoever is elected Alderman will take their cues from Daniel on how a Alderman is supposed to perform their duties. I see a bright future for Tullahoma and Mr. Berry is certainly a shining star.

Kevin Lambrecht, J&S Computers

Daniel goes out of his way to talk to the public about what they want in a mayor. He ask questions about how things are done and why they are done a certain way. Tullahoma needs change. He is kind, considerate, humble, selfless, honest and he has my vote.

Tammie Kidd, Tullahoma Resident

Thank you for being our voice and for listening to us.

Scott McCain, 4-the-Win Cigar Bar & Lounge

Mr. Berry is very diligent in updating our community on the Covid-19 pandemic. He's truly amazing.

Dawn Triplett, Tullahoma Resident

As Daniel’s niece, I have known him my whole life and I can confirm and with unbiased opinion say that Daniel invests all of his time and effort into his work and will do whatever is best for everyone and does nothing for selfish reasons. I genuinely believe that Daniel Berry will be an amazing mayor to help make Tullahoma a better place!!

Addison Berry, Daniel's Favorite Niece 🙂

I have known Daniel Berry since the day I was born. He is probably one of the most selfless, caring, honest, and humble people I know. He cares about Tullahoma and serving everyone and has never been the kind of guy that asks for something in return. He's also almost as smart as his little brother 🙂

Bryan Berry, Daniel's Little Brother

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