Tullahoma believes in Berry

Daniel Berry is the picture of an ideal elected official. He works very hard to find out what is or isn’t working for the people. He serves as our voice, regarding our city, which is exactly why the people he represents chose him. His efforts to engage citizens and remind us that our votes and voices matter is exactly what we need. Thank you for your hard work!

Jana Smith, Tullahoma Resident

A tullahoma that is fair and works for everyone.

As your Alderman, even after being elected, Daniel continued to knock doors, visit businesses, hold bi-monthly town halls, and listen to the voices in our community. Your voice was loud and clear. Move Forward Tullahoma is a plan that focuses on the needs and wants of the community, not the politicians.

supporting small business

Our small business owners create local employment, provide essential goods and services and help create attractive, liveable communities.

how can we help small businesses succeed?

There is no greater power than a community
discovering what it cares about.

Margaret j. Wheatley

This is our battle cry. Tullahoma is stronger when the community is passionately engaged in shaping our future. Generations of Tullahomans worked together to build a strong foundation to grow upon. It is now our time to decide what we care about and who we want to be so that we can pass the torch when the time comes.

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This is a people-powered campaign that counts on individuals like you. The only way forward is by working together to decide what we care about and holding those who you put in office accountable. Will you stand with Daniel?



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text berry to 555888 for updates and live alerts.